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General information

I. Rules for Application

Third International Stanislav Neuhaus Piano Competition 

will be held in Chelyabinsk from 5 to 12 November 2015

1.1. The Competition is held in two nominations:

1.2. The “Piano solo” nomination of the competition is open to pianists of two age 

Category A: pianists up to 18 years of age (at the moment of holding the 

Competition, i.e. born after November 5, 1996)

Category B: pianists not older than 36 years of age (at the moment of holding 

the Competition, i.e. born after November 5, 1978.)

1.3. The “Piano duo” nomination of the competition is held for pianists not 

younger than 15 years of age and not older than 36 years of age, i.e. born after 

November 5, 1978 but not later than November 5, 2000.

1.4. The Laureates of the 1st

Competition can’t take part in the competition.

1.5. Participation in the Competition is conditional on a candidate submitting the 

required documents and sending them by e-mail or mail by June 20, 2015 

(date on postmark).

Candidates should send the attached application form, completed legibly in 

printed letters, in Russian or English to the following mail address: 

Organizing Committee of Stanislav Neuhaus Piano Competition

The Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts

Ordzhonikidze St. 36A

454091 Chelyabinsk, Russia

or e-mail address:

The Following should be included with the application form:

a) Repertoire List with names of composers, full name of the work, tonality, 

opus, duration of sounding (Stage I-III);

b) birth certificate or passport (photocopy);

c) documentation of musical studies (photocopies);

d) brief CV (education, teachers’ names, participation in piano competitions, 

copies of diplomas (if there are some), concert activity, prizes and honorary 

mentions, programmes from concerts and festivals etc.);

e) recommendations from renowned musicians, CEO of concert company or 

musical institution;

f) 2 current colour glossy portrait photographs (JPEG 10 x 15, 300 dpi by post 

or e-mail) (for “Piano duo” nomination photo of both musicians desirable). 

1.6. The Entrance Fee for the participants is: 

“Piano Solo”

for Category A  – 2500 rubles

for Category B  – 3500 rubles

Piano Duo”     – 5000 rubles

Entrance fee is paid after the arrival by cash. Participants refused from 

performance wouldn’t be given a refund. 

1.7. Participants are admitted to perform in both nominations of the competition 

provided entrance fee is paid for each nomination mentioned by the 

participant in application form.

1.8. Candidates will be notified of the performing in the Competition by the 

Organizing Committee. 

1.9. Competitors are obliged to inform the Organizing Committee no later than a 

week before their arrival (date, time, train\flight No).

II. Competition conditions

2.1. The Competition for:

“Piano solo” nomination consists of 2 rounds for Category A and of 3 

rounds for Category B

“Piano duo” nomination consists of 1 round

2.2. All stages will be open to the public. 

2.3. All Competition program compositions of the “Piano solo” nomination must 

be played from memory. 

Competition program of the “Piano duo” nomination may be played from 

2.4. The playing order of competitors will be defined according to the drawing and 

will stand definitively until the end of the Competition.

2.5. Competitors are provided an acoustic rehearsal in the concert hall. 

Competitors of 3rd

2.6. The laureates are obliged to perform in the gala concert and others planned by 

the Organizing Committee. 

2.7. The Organizing Committee has all the rights to the following: recording; 

public play-back and performance; broadcasting by wired or wireless sound or 

vision by terrestrial or satellite stations.

 stage are assured of one rehearsal with orchestra. 

3.1. Competitors are responsible for travel, accommodation and food expenses.

3.2. Participants from abroad issue passports and visas. The Organizing Committee 

sends the official invitation, after receiving it a competitor appeals to the 

Russian Embassy in the country.

3.3. Attached to participants' notification there will be a list of proposed hotels and 

the Academy’s student hostel that can be reserved.

All doubts regarding the Competition Rules will be resolved 

on the basis of the Russian text.

Tel. (351) 263-95-21, 8-922-707-75-75

Fax: (351) 263-36-53



Application form

Repertoire List DOC-А

Repertoire List DOC-В

Repertoire List DOC - Piano Duo